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Meet the owner of L'esined Travel LLC, LaQuiesha. LaQuiesha is established as an independent travel agent. Throughout the years, LaQuiesha has been planning multiple vacations for her family and friends. With the attention to detail, LaQuiesha's family and friends have been amazed on how LaQuiesha is able to find affordable vacations with planned excursions. For an example, during the COVID-19 pandemic, LaQuiesha was able to plan a girls’ trip to Las Vegas, NV in August of 2020 for a group of 8. During that trip LaQuiesha found every excursion the group wanted to partake in, during that difficult time, including karaoke, a day pool party, zip-lining, and ATVs. This was a particularly rememberable trip due to being the first trip the group was able to take since the pandemic started. Subsequently, LaQuiesha became passionate about wanting to help others with vacation planning that would result in life lasting memories. Afterwards, the creation of L'esined Travel LLC has been established to help travelers secure dream vacations. With L'esined Travel LLC creation, LaQuiesha decided to offer a variety of services to cater to many different individuals/groups wanting to travel.

LaQuiesha, Owner of L'esined Travel LLC

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